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NB9W firmware
Description: The new firmware NB9W-C211-S306TPG-C05_R07 adds a distinctive VoIP dialtone and TPG's IPTV settings. It also implements previous fixes for SIP registration. It is recommended that customers perform a factory reset after updating to the new firmware.

        Below is the procedure for upgrading the NB9W:
        Steps to be performed by the customer:-
        1. Download the latest firmware from the site provided by TPG and save 
        the file to the desktop (simplifies a later step).
        2. Logon to the NB9W web interface (usually User: admin 
        Password: admin)
        3. Click on 'Management -> Device Settings -> Update Firmware'
        4. Click on the browse button and browse to the BIN file they downloaded 
        to their desktop and click open
        5. Click on update software and wait for 5 minutes for the update 
        to be performed.
        6. Logon to the NB9W web interface (usually User: admin 
        Password: admin)
        7. Check that the Software version displayed on NB9W welcome page 
        reads C211-S306TPG-C05_R07
        8. Click on 'Management -> Device Settings -> Restore Default'
        9. Click on the 'Restore Default Settings' button
        After the modem finishes rebooting, customers will have to enter their ADSL
        and VoIP login details again.

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