TPG Home Phone


Low Cost International Rates

Get TPG Home Phone and call your friends and family around the world with our affordable international rates.

Home Phone & Broadband

Take advantage of super cheap call rates with TPG Home Phone. Save when you bundle TPG Home Phone with ADSL2+ and get more downloads. Click here to see Home Phone + Broadband bundles.

Minute Call Caps

Talk for longer for less when making National Long Distance and Mobile Calls with TPG Home Phone. Calls are capped for up to 20 minutes per call, you then pay the per minute rate thereafter.

One Stop Provider

Eliminate the hassle of having multiple service providers! TPG is your one-stop provider for all your Internet and Home Phone needs.

Home Phone Features

Our TPG Home Phone service also comes with a range of convenient call features that you can personalise to suit your needs. Learn more