General Modem Configuration

Before you are able to use TPG IPTV services, some changes will need to be done on your modem. These changes should not affect your Internet connection. If it does, please contact the modem manufacturer for further assistance.

Before you begin, please be aware that your modem needs to have the latest firmware installed and that it must be able to support multiple PVC and IGMP.

We now advise that you make the following changes on your modem:

  1. Create a new connection in the modem user interface
  2. Service name: IPTV
  3. Connection/Mode: bridge mode
  4. Encapsulation/Multiplexing: LLC
  5. VPI: 0
  6. VCI: 35
  7. ATM/QoS: UBR
  8. PVC: enabled
  9. An option for IGMP proxy, or multicast proxy should be enabled

NOTE: These are general settings that you will find in most modems. These will differ from one brand to the other. If you are unsure, we advise you to contact your modem manufacturer.

If you are able to set up your modem to work correctly with the TPG IPTV service, and would like us to help other TPG customers that have the same modem as you, then we would appreciate you letting us know. We would be happy to receive instructions and screen shots of the entire process.