Moving Home to a Standalone Broadband Service

How to Move Home?

Why not bundle ADSL2+ with Home Phone at your new home and save?

You may be eligible to get TPG ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle service at your new home. An active telephone line is NOT required. Please check service availability at your new address here.

Save and get more downloads when you bundle your landline rental and broadband with TPG. Please contact our Moving Home Team on 1300 865 124 as soon as possible to start your moving home process.

I only need Broadband from TPG. How do I move my service to my new home?

Before you move, please contact our Moving Home Team on 1300 865 124 as soon as possible so we can assist you in relocating your Naked ADSL2+ service.

How long does it take?

This depends on which service you wish to get at your new home.
- Installation of Naked ADSL2+ service takes 10-20 working days depending on the complexity of the connection at your new home
- Installation of ADSL2+ service (with line rental from another provider) takes 3-5 working days assuming that we need no further confirmation/information from you.

Can I use my existing Naked ADSL2+ service while relocation is in progress?

Yes. You will be able to nominate the date when you wish to have your existing service cancelled. You will be billed for your existing service until it has been cancelled. If no date is nominated, the service will be cancelled immediately.

Can I keep my existing TPG Username or Email?

Unfortunately no, you will be allocated a new Username. If you have a TPG Mobile service eligible for bundling discount in your existing account, you can request to have this transferred to your new TPG account so that you can still benefit from the bundling discount.

How do I check the progress of my service relocation?

TPG will keep you updated via email of the progress of your service relocation.