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Product Information

Call Diverting/Call Forwarding

This page will explain to you the various call diverting/call forwarding features on your TPG Mobile and how to activate/deactivate them.

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What is Call Diverting?
Call diverting is a feature where incoming calls to your mobile phone can be forwarded automatically to either another phone number or your Voicemail.

How to activate Call Diverting?

Call Diverting can be activated online via 'Your Account' on TPG Homepage. Simply follow the steps below.
  • Log into Your Account with your mobile number and password (the password you nominated during registration)

  • Select View All Mobile Service Accounts

  • Click Mobile Service Control Panel under the plan you would like to set up Call Diverting in.

  • You will see a table with various features/services conditions of your TPG Mobile. You can find the option for Call Diverting as shown in the screenshot below. Enabling this option will redirect ALL incoming calls to your nominated phone number or your voicemail. To enable this option, either enter the phone number you wish your incoming calls to be redirected to or choose To Voicemail. Finally, click Submit at the bottom of the control panel to confirm your change.

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