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Troubleshooting Your Internet Connection

Quota and Shaping

This page explains all you need to know about quota and shaping which applies to some of the ADSL2+ plans.

TPG offers truly unlimited ADSL2+ plans with no quota and shaping whatsoever. However, these unlimited plans are not available in some areas and some customers may also prefer plans with quota and shaping which suit their particular needs. Please check which TPG ADSL2+ plan you are on to see if quota and shaping apply to you.

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What is a quota?
Quota is the limit on how much data you can download using your ADSL2+ connection within a billing cycle (i.e. 1 month). For example the ADSL2+ Unlimited plans have no usage quota at all whereas others plans such as the ADSL2+ 500GB plan has a download limit (500GB in this case).

What is counted in my quota?
Only download traffic is counted in your quota for ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle, Standalone ADSL2+, and Naked ADSL2+ plans. Broadband Off-Net plans count both download and upload traffic.

What is peak and off-peak time?
Quotas are divided into peak and off-peak time during a day with the exception of some plans which have anytime quota. For example, the monthly quota in the Standalone ADSL2+ 500GB plan is divided into 250GB peak and 250GB off-peak quota; this means each month you have a download limit of 250GB during peak time and 250GB during off-peak time.

For ADSL2+ with Home Phone Bundle plans, the off-peak time is 1am - 9am. For Standalone ADSL2+ plans, the off-peak time is 2:30am - 8.30am (2am - 8am with VoIP). For Naked ADSL2+ plans, the off-peak time is 3:30am - 8.30am. For Broadband Off-Net plans, the off-peak time is 2am - 8am.

What is 'shaping'? What happens when I exceed my quota?
If you exceed your monthly quota, your connection speed will be slowed down. The slowing down of your connection speed is called 'shaping'. Your connection speed may be shaped to 4Mbps, 2Mbps, 1Mbps, 256Kbps, 128Kbps or 64Kbps depending on the plan you are subscribed to. Shaping applies only to the time in which the monthly quota has been exceeded (peak and/or off-peak). Please see the product page to check your plan's shaping speed.

At the start of your next billing cycle, your connection speed will be returned to normal and your quota will be reset.

How do I monitor my usage quota?
You can monitor your daily usage by logging into 'Your Account' and then going to 'Check your Account Usage'. Your total peak and off-peak downloads usage is displayed next to "Peak Downloads used" and "Off-Peak Downloads used" respectively as indicated in the image below.

I am consistently running out of quota every month, what can I do?
If you find that your current allotted quota is not enough for your usage, you may be eligible to upgrade to another ADSL2+ plan that offers more download quota. Some of our plans have unlimited usage quota. This means you will not have to worry about running out of quota anymore!

Please click here for more information about upgrading/downgrading your plan.

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