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This page will guide you how to use the Voicemail feature on your TPG Mobile.

Introduction to Voicemail
Voicemail allows you to divert unanswered calls to your own Voicemail box where the caller may record a message. You can then retrieve the stored messages by dialing your Voicemail box.

Setting up Voicemail
To set up Voicemail, just call 121 from your TPG mobile and follow the prompts.

This initial setup can only be done directly from your TPG mobile. Once set up, you can dial 121 from your TPG mobile or 0414 121 121 from another phone to change your Voicemail settings.

Retrieving Voicemail Messages
  • Dial 121 from your TPG mobile
    If using another phone, dial 0414 121 121. You will be asked to enter your mobile number and Voicemail security code.

  • Use these in-call options to manage your Voicemail:

Option   Function
0   Call return
1   Repeat the current message
2   Save the current message for 7 days
3   Delete the current message
4   Send a copy of the message to another voicemail user
7   Rewind 3 seconds
8   Pause (press any key to continue)
9   Listen to the time and date stamp for the current message
#   Skip to the next message
*   Main Menu

Important Note:
  • If you accidentally delete a message, you can retrieve it by listening to the deleted message again and pressing Ď2í to save. This can only be done on the same call, once you hang up any deleted messages are permanently deleted.
  • New voicemail messages and saved messages expire after 7 days. If you need to keep a message, you can re-save it for a further 7 days. Once expired itís permanently deleted and canít be recovered.
  • Your voicemail service can hold up to 20 messages

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