ISDN30/SIP30 with Fibre1000

ISDN30/SIP30 With Fibre1000 is a Business grade Bundle combining Fibre Optic Broadband and Voice Access.

This cost effective bundle includes 1Gbps Unlimited Internet together with your choice of either ISDN or SIP with the capacity of up to 30 voice sessions.


Superior reliability

Perfect Match

Fibre1000 gives you Ultrafast next generation Fibre Optic Broadband so that your business can stay ahead of the competition.

Engineered Solutions

Delivered on TPG's carrier grade Data and Voice infrastructure.

Cost savings

Gone are the days of ISDN or SIP monthly rental fees with our incredible bundle deal.

What is Fibre1000?

Fibre1000 is a Business-grade Fibre Optic Broadband service with unlimited data and symmetrical speeds of up to 1Gbps (1000Mbps).

What does this mean for your Business?

• Radically improve your efficiency
• Up to 10 times the speed of NBN100 services
• Leapfrog your competitors

With 1000Mbps, you'll be future-proofing your business performance.


How it works - Fibre1000


What is ISDN30/SIP30?

TPG ISDN30 or SIP30 is a trunking service used to carry your business voice traffic between your telephony equipment and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The service is ideal for medium to large organisations who have onsite PABX phone systems and require multiple channels for concurrent calling.


How it works - ISDN SIP



ISDN30/SIP30 Features

ISDN30/SIP30 is packed with features for business use. Below are some of the popular features.


30 Voice sessions

Up to 30 voice sessions are included


DID Number Range

Allocate a range of phone numbers associated with one or more phone lines


Keep your numbers

TPG has porting arrangement with all major carriers which enables you to keep your existing phone numbers when switching to TPG


Digital Quality Voice

Our voice network has been designed and optimised for business grade audio quality.


Save on Calls

Our competitive call rates can help your business save on every call made as we offer competitive call rates to AU landlines, mobiles and international numbers.

PAYG Call Rates
Standard Local Calls 6.60¢ per call
Standard National Calls 5.50¢ per minute
Standard Mobile Calls 14.30¢ per minute
International Calls From 2.80¢ per minute (view rates)
13/1300 Numbers 25.30¢ per call

ISDN30/SIP30 Pay As You Go Call Rates

Critical Information Summary


ISDN30/SIP30 with Fibre1000

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