Ten Gigabit Adelaide Network - bedrock to growth

The highly-anticipated Australian-first Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is a crucial next-generation business communication tool for all businesses in different industries and sizes.




Case Study: My Plan Manager

With the rollout of Ten Gigabit Adelaide starting to ramp up, more businesses are jumping at the chance to be connected to the revolutionary high-speed data network.

Local social enterprise firm, My Plan Manager has relocated its offices to Franklin Street in the CBD to access the new network, enabling vastly improved internet connectivity, cybersecurity and synchronised upload and download speeds reaching the full capacity of the 10Gbps data transfer capability.

The company provides financial intermediary and plan management services to over 6,500 people Australia-wide who are part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). This includes a web-based platform and a personalised app that gives people living with a disability to have full control and visibility over their funds and services.

“Our company relies heavily on technology and having access to high speed, high-quality connectivity and a range of telecommunications services is critical to ensuring we can provide a responsive, seamless service to our clients,” says My Plan Manager, ICT Business Manager, Sean Bates.

“The Ten Gigabit Adelaide service was a standout choice in terms of speed, reliability and cost.

“TPG introduced us to NEXION Networks who designed a new infrastructure layer for the new office including new router, switches and WiFi. They also recommended a comprehensive security layer and firewall to protect the business.”

“When we tested the data speeds at our new offices in Franklin Street, it ran 18 times faster than our previous connection which is extraordinary.

“This will, in turn, save us time, increase our productivity and translate to a much higher quality of service for our clients.”

Another key reason for My Plan Manager moving to the city was its central location.

“We’re excited to be able to call the CBD home. Being in the geographical heart of Adelaide will make it easier for us to recruit and retain quality staff,” he says.

In addition to providing secure, reliable and symmetrical 10Gpbs data speeds, Ten Gigabit Adelaide will also provide businesses with access to a range of cutting-edge ICT applications and services.




My Plan Manager has accessed a 1GB internet service through the network and has also invested in a complete Fortinetsuite of products including router, firewall, switching and WiFi as well as enterprise grade cybersecurity, provided by NEXION Networks.

“We take the security of our systems very seriously,” says Mr Bates.

“We continue to invest heavily in a range of infrastructure such as the NEXION Fortinet Bundles to ensure that sensitive data and systems are protected, and the performance of the network exceeds expectations.”

On the back of Ten Gigabit Adelaide, NEXION Networks has also expanded their business in Adelaide.

“NEXION Networks are a unique and fast-growing ICT company and see Adelaide and the Ten Gigabit Adelaide rollout as the bedrock for our growth and we continue to invest locally in the building of our Adelaide presence,” says CEO of NEXION Networks, Paul Glass.

“The investment the City of Adelaide and TPG have made to turn Adelaide into a globally leading technology innovation hub allows us to deliver innovative solutions for TPG customers faster and more nimbly than any other location in Australia.”

“NEXION Networks is very proud to be working with TPG and City of Adelaide and we are excited about the opportunity to provide Adelaide customers, like My Plan Manager with the cybersecurity and infrastructure required to get the full benefit of the 10GA Network.


Case Study: Nexion Network

Nexion Networks see Ten Gigabit Adelaide as bedrock to growth.

The highly-anticipated Australian-first Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is a “technology enablement platform of global scales” says one of Australia’s fastest and most innovative technology companies, NEXION Networks.

NEXION Networks is leading the charge in the delivery of cutting edge ICT Services that will be available to adopters of the scheme. Ten Gigabit Adelaide will see a minimum 1,000 CBD and North Adelaide commercial buildings connected to the revolutionary high-speed, high-performance data network within the next two years.

The bold infrastructure project includes the delivery and installation of a fibre optic network across the city, 10Gbps data transfer capability and access to a range of cloud-based services. It will provide businesses like NEXION Networks with the core connectivity to position Adelaide as Australia’s epicentre for business.

“The way we work and interact with the community, our peers, our city and our families is all changing, as we embrace a smart connected world,” said Paul Glass, Managing Director of NEXION Networks.

“The investment the City of Adelaide and TPG (the Official Network Provider) have made to turn Adelaide into a globally leading technology innovation hub allows us to drive solution innovation faster and more nimbly than any other location in Australia.


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Case Study: Australian Institute of Business (AIB)

The Australian Institute of Business (AIB) is proud to be the first business and building in South Australia to connect to the Adelaide City Council’s revolutionary high-speed fibre optic data network – Ten Gigabit Adelaide. The network provides access to 10Gbps uncontested data speeds which is the fastest internet connection available in Australia and the only network of its kind for businesses.

At AIB’s headquarters on March 5, the then Lord Mayor Martin Haese officially launched Ten Gigabit Adelaide and, along with AIB CEO Paul Wappett, connected AIB to the ultra-fast network which is being delivered by TPG Telecom.

As the largest MBA provider in Australia and leaders in accessible online education, fast and reliable internet speeds and data capabilities are critical to the delivery of AIB’s programmes. The phenomenally fast 10Gbps data speeds will support AIB in improving the interactive online learning experience for its students in Australia and around the world.
On being the first business in Australia to experience the network, Paul Wappett said he and the AIB staff are thrilled.

“As a progressive higher education provider delivering online education for working adults, it is critical we embrace industry-leading technology. This new network is faster and more affordable, allowing us to continue to provide accredited, high-quality post-graduate education at an affordable price point. It also enables us to further enhance our interactive online learning experience and export it around the world.”

AIB has invested significantly in its online learning environment and infrastructure over the past two years to create a truly engaging and interactive learning experience for its students. In addition, following the successful transition to online exams this year, The Agile MBA is now 100% online, allowing students greater flexibility and accessibility to study from anywhere in the world.

Proudly a South Australian business, AIB has been delivering business education from the state since its inception in 1984. The business school has become a truly global institution, with students and alumni from over 90 countries, but South Australia remains the ideal location for AIB to export its programmes to the world.

“South Australia has become a hub for innovation in recent years, aligning well with AIB’s innovative approach to education. The new Ten Gigabit Network is an example of that and another reason why Adelaide is the right place for AIB to be based,” Paul Wappett explained.


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