nbn™ Business Satellite Internet

Allowing you to access enterprise grade internet in your back yard, or the outback, Business Satellite Internet is a cost effective solution for delivering internet access to enterprises at remote locations. Based on the next generation state of the art Ka-band HTS (High Throughput Satellite) technology that uses spot beam architecture, our Satellite internet is Powered by business nbn™ Satellite Service and covers 100% of mainland Australia and Tasmania as well as five major islands (Cocos Islands, Christmas, Lord Howe, Norfolk and Macquarie Islands). You can access Business Satellite Internet anywhere there is a clear line of sight to the satellite for communication, which means the service can be rapidly deployed as no elaborate infrastructure is required to set up the service at the customer location. Also, your satellite lines are monitored 24x7 at our Network Operation Centre, ensuring that downtime or connectivity issues are minimal.

Why TPG Telecom

Strong and trusted partner in nbn™ helps us deliver enterprise grade solutions with enterprise grade support
Stay connected with the many technology options TPG Telecom offers no matter where you are located
TPG offers fast and reliable business solutions, enabling your businesses to be more responsive and agile


  • Internet offering with Ethernet handoff
  • Choice of speeds up to: 30/1 Mbps, 30/5 Mbps and 30/13 Mbps PIR (peak information rate)
  • Choice of 4 data packs
  • Automatic 100GB data top-ups where data pack is exceeded
  • VoIP prioritisation (enabled by default)– Enables VoIP traffic for 1 VoIP service to get priority over other data (does not include VoIP service)


Availability 100% coverage across Australia
Access Network NBN BSS Ka- band satellite network
Access Type Single service
Services Supported Internet (with multiple data pack options)
Bandwidth Up tp 30/1, 30/5 and 30/13 †
Configuration options Routing mode or NAT mode
Contract Term 12, 24 or 36 months
Technical Support 24/7, 365 days per year

†Actual throughput speeds may vary due to various factors such as network congestion, hardware and more


  • Fast and reliable internet solution for even the most remote locations e.g. Oil rigs, mining sites, renewable energy farm locations
  • A connectivity option to maintain business continuity
  • A flexible connectivity option for temporary sites e.g. Construction sites
  • A cost-effective connectivity solution to traditionally expensive remote location satellite connectivity options
  • 99.7% target uptime means consistent availability

How it Works

Network Schematic Diagram

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