Call Rates


Business VoIP Call Rates

Service Business VoIP Call Rate
Extension Dialing   $0 - Unlimited Calls
Local Calls   $0 - Unlimited Calls
13/1300 Calls   $0 - Unlimited Calls
Standard National Calls to Landlines   $0 - Unlimited Calls
Voicemail   $0
Mobile Calls   9.9¢ per minute^ (plus 39¢ call connection)
International Calls   Check International Call Rates (39¢ call connection applies)
18/1800 Calls   Free
19/1900 Calls   Not supported
Directory Assistance - 1223   $1.10 per call
TPG 13 14 23   Free

TPG defines a Local Call to be a call made to a number in the same Standard Zone Unit or an adjacent Standard Zone Unit. To check whether a call is a Local Call or not, please use the TPG Business VoIP Call Rate calculator.

^ Charged per 30 second block