Ethernet Broadband

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Key Benefits

Value for Money –
Starting from $218.90/month, our goal is to provide fast and reliable service to boost the performance of your business applications at minimum cost.
Wide Coverage –
Available from over 400 exchanges in most major metros in Australia.
Unlimited Internet –
No shaping and no data quota.
Item TPG Ethernet Broadband Service
Static IP Address   Yes
Data   Unlimited
Upload & Download Speed   Up to 10Mbps symmetrical speed *
NTU   Yes (10/100M Ethernet Interface)
Router   You must provide your own Ethernet Broadband compatible router
Service Level Agreement   Yes
Contract Term   24 Months or 36 Months
Technical Support   Standard business hours support – optional 24x7 extended support
Business Size   Small & Medium Business
* Speeds may vary based on a range of factors including distance from exchange, availability & quality of copper, electrical interference & customer cabling. As of 02/05/2013, more than 55% of TPG’s 4 wire Ethernet & Ethernet Broadband services obtain an average connection speed of 10Mbps or more. For full terms and conditions please contact TPG.
Critical Information Summary (Ethernet Broadband)
Please click here to see the Critical Information Summary which sets out the important information about the service you selected.

How it Works


TPG Ethernet Broadband service deploys a dedicated data connection from your premises to the TPG backbone network. Our PPC-1 undersea cable provides you with direct access to major international Internet hubs delivering high quality access to the Internet.

TPG's symmetrical speed means you will get the same speed for both download and upload. The optional Internet access offers unlimited usage, no shaping and no data quota.

The use of this service is for an office environment only and it is not to be used for dedicated web hosting, resale or in a data centre environment.

Optional VPN Service

Private network –
Enable virtual private network (VPN) to protect sensitive business information

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