IMAP Account

What is an IMAP email account?

IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It was designed to support "online" email processing. Email is stored long term on the email sever in any folders you wish, including Inbox, Sent Items and Deleted. Email in an IMAP account can always be viewed using any Internet connection or almost any email client, until it is permanently deleted by the user. The user also has the option to save the messages locally.

What are the advantages of IMAP email account?

  • Easy to organize your email by creating multiple folders. Since an IMAP account can be accesses simultaneously by a group of users using the same username, working with folders is a common way to indicate the status of messages that are being dealt with, or to keep track of information. Emails sent using an IMAP account, is copied to the 'Sent Items' folder and stored centrally on the email sever.
  • The messages are not necessarily all downloaded to your PC. You can ask for specific messages or search the server of messages meeting certain criteria.
  • Ideal for mobile user to check emails from various locations. You can just find a PC connected to the Internet to read your messages.

Price and Features

Yearly Price $40 each Buy
Folders Support Unlimited folders e.g. Sent Items, Drafts
Storage Size and Charges 2GB email storage
Email Aliases 2 aliases per mailbox, for a total of 3 email addresses
Attachment Size
Attachments are files attached to email messages. These can be documents, images, movies, or sound files
Up to 20MB
SPAM Filtering [User Definable Levels]
SPAM is unsolicited email. A filter means you have less chance of being bothered by unwanted email
Features of this service include:
Integrated within TPG Postoffice webmail solution
User definable level: Low, Medium, High(includes BCC) and Off
Web interface for viewing Junk Messages and adjusting settings
Periodic reminder of detained messages
Virus Protection
All email passing through the TPG Email System are scanned for email viruses, including inside various archives, e.g. ZIP, RAR, CAB, etc.
Auto Responders
An Auto Responder will instantly reply the sender with a pre-determined message. This may be used to say Thank You, or let people know you're on holiday. Can be set to expire on a certain date.
Email Client Access
This allows you to set up access to your email from your computer using preferred email program such as Outlook via Internet access.
Webmail Access
TPG Post Office allows you to access TPG email account using a web browser, from any computer that has Internet connection.