POP3 Account

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol version 3. It was designed to support "offline" email processing. When you open your mailbox, new mail is moved from the email server and saved on your personal computer. While the emails not yet downloaded and deleted from the email sever, they can be viewed from any Internet connection.

What are the advantages of POP3 email account?

  • You do not have to stay connected to the Internet. You can log on when you want to receive and send new messages. Once your new messages have been downloaded to your computer, they can be read whether connected to the Internet or not.
  • POP3 is a very popular email protocol and just about all email clients support it.
  • A new feature with TPG POP3 email account is Free Folders. The new feature will allow you to store the emails you receive, create or send through our Post Office.
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Price and Features

Yearly Price $27.50 each Buy
Folders Support POP3 folders in Post Office
Storage Size and Charges No storage charges. Messages will be automatically deleted:
Email Aliases 2 aliases per mailbox, for a total of 3 email addresses
Attachment Size
Attachments are files attached to email messages. These can be documents, images, movies, or sound files
Up to 20MB
SPAM Filtering [User Definable Levels]
SPAM is unsolicited email. A filter means you have less chance of being bothered by unwanted email
Features of this service include:
Integrated within TPG Postoffice webmail solution
User definable level: Low, Medium, High(includes BCC) and Off
Web interface for viewing Junk Messages and adjusting settings
Periodic reminder of detained messages
Virus Protection
All email passing through the TPG Email System are scanned for email viruses, including inside various archives, e.g. ZIP, RAR, CAB, etc.
Auto Responders
An Auto Responder will instantly reply the sender with a pre-determined message. This may be used to say Thank You, or let people know you're on holiday. Can be set to expire on a certain date.
Email Client Access
This allows you to set up access to your email from your computer using preferred email program such as Outlook via Internet access.
Webmail Access
TPG Post Office allows you to access TPG email account using a web browser, from any computer that has Internet connection.

Another type of email account is an IMAP email account, click to learn more.