POP3 Account

The free email addresses you get with your TPG dialup or broadband Internet plan, as well as TPG ‘Email Only’ accounts are all ‘POP3’ email accounts and can take advantage of these new features.

The new features will help customers who use the TPG Post Office to send and receive email, by:
  • Allowing you to temporarily store and view emails you have sent, in a “Sent Items” folder.
  • Allowing you to create additional folders in the TPG Post Office, for e.g. a ‘drafts’ folder, to file emails you create, send or receive, for temporary storage on our servers.
The new features won’t affect those who only use an email program such as Outlook Express for sending/receiving email. Such programs allow you to create folders and store emails on your own computer.

  • This will be done automatically. At the bottom of Email Composition window, you will see
    sent img If you DON’T wish to save the email, click on the box to remove the tick.

  • Click on the Folders option from the yellow menu bar at the top of the page.
    folders img
  • Click on “Choose Action” to see the options in the drop down menu and select “Create Folder”. A new window will appear - enter the name of the folder (e.g. ‘work’) and click OK. To delete a folder, simply select “Delete Folder” instead of “Create Folder”.

You have 2 different ways to move or copy emails to other folders.
  • Delete a single email or multiple emails at once from mailbox view:
    • Tick the box/s next to the email/s you wish to move or copy.
    • Click on “Messages to” to see the folders in the drop down menu and choose the folder where you wish to move or copy email/s to.
    folders img
  • Delete a single email from message view:
    • Open the email you wish to move or copy.
    • At the top or bottom of the email there are options you can click on to move or send a copy of the email to the folder of your choice.
    folders img

Your emails will only be temporarily stored in the TPG Post office, if you have a POP3 email account. All emails older than 45 days will be deleted automatically. Also, each folder only allows you store 40MB of emails. Once the 40MB limit is exceeded, all emails in the folder will be deleted in 14 days. Also, each POP3 account only allows you store 40MB of emails across all folders. Once the 40MB limit is exceeded, all emails in the folder will be deleted in 14 days. A warning in Post Office will appear when your mail account is over 90% of the 40MB level. If you wish to keep email permanently, you should upgrade to an IMAP email account.