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ADSL2+ Home Bundle Installation

Please Note: The ADSL2+ Home bundle plans have been discontinued. Existing customers who are currently subscribed to these plans are not affected.

  • Is there a way to speed up the activation process?

    We are dependent on our wholesale provider to connect your service, therefore we are subjected to their connection timeframes. We will do our best to process your application as quickly as possible.

  • What information do I get after I submit my application?

    We'll keep you up to date on the progress of your application via email or SMS.

  • Can I check the progress of my application?

    TPG has a few tools in place for you to check the progress of your application

    1. TPG's installation status checker
      To use TPG's installation status checker, go to the checker within TPG's website and follow the prompt by entering your username.
    2. Telephone automated checker
      To use this tool simply dial 13 14 23 option 4 and follow voice prompts.

  • Do I need to be present on the installation day?

    You will be advised by our team if you need to be present at your premises on the day of installation. If an onsite visit by a Telstra technician is required, you will be advised of this via email. We will advise you of a general window of 8am - 12pm or 1pm - 5:30pm in which the technician may need to gain access to your Network Boundary Point (see below).
    As we rely on a wholesale provider to schedule the installation, we are unable to provide a more specific time frame for installation and cannot move the timeframe outside of normal business hours. In some cases the Telstra technician is able to complete the installation without needing your assistance or contacting you. Regrettably we are unable to inform you if this would be the case.

  • TPG has advised me that I need to be home during the scheduled installation appointment time. What happens if I am not home at this time?

    Additional charges will apply as specified in the ADSL2+ Home Bundle Additional Pricing page. We will contact you to reschedule the installation appointment.

  • What happens if the technician missed the scheduled installation appointment?

    We will do an internal investigation with the technician that was scheduled for your installation appointment. If we find that the technician missed the appointment, we will offer you to reschedule the installation appointment at the earliest time possible without any additional charge.

  • Can I reschedule the installation appointment I have scheduled with TPG?

    If you wish to reschedule an installation appointment with TPG, please let us know at least 3 working days before the scheduled appointment by going to Additional charges will apply for the new appointment if less than 3 working days' notice are given

  • What about any hardware that I've ordered?

    When we get a connection date from wholesale provider, we will dispatch any hardware that you've ordered to your nominated delivery address. Hardware orders generally take between 3-5 working days to arrive, but we try to ensure that the hardware gets to you before or on the date of broadband activation.

  • What is my Network Boundary Point?

    We will deliver your service to the network boundary point of your Premises. This network boundary point is either:

    • Your first telephone socket - this applies mainly for standalone premises like a house
    • The Main Distribution Frame (MDF). This is a small telecommunications room within your premises. This applies mainly for apartments, office blocks or larger business premises. In some cases, you may need to contact your building management to arrange access to it. You should not rely on our contractors to have a key to this room
    • A network termination device which is a Telstra box externally mounted a single dwelling

  • Will additional work need to be done after the installation to get my service working?

    If you were not asked to be home for the installation then in the majority of cases your service will work right away.

    For customers who live in a multi user dwelling who were asked to be home for the installation, it is likely that once the service is installed that another technician will be required to jumper your service. TPG is responsible to deliver the service to the first side of the MDF (the 'A' side). Any wiring that is missing to connect to the other side of the MDF (the 'B' side) and into the building is the customer's responsibility and requires a technician. TPG can arrange for a field services technician to do this for you for an additional charge.

    If you receive an SMS from TPG on the day of installation asking if you would like our assistance with jumpering, all you need to do is to reply yes with your preferred date and time and we will arrange a technician to complete the cabling work for you.

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