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1.0 Naked ADSL2+ Explained

2.0 Naked ADSL2+ Availability

3.0 Naked ADSL2+ Registration & Installation

4.0 Information for Existing TPG Customers

5.0 Changes to the Service and Cancellation

Naked ADSL2+ with VoIP Frequently Asked Questions

Please note: please ensure you first read through the above Naked ADSL2+ FAQs

1.0 VoIP Service with Naked ADSL2+ — Making and Receiving Calls

1.0 Naked ADSL2+ Explained

1.1 What is Naked ADSL2+?
Naked ADSL2+ (also known as ULL) is a type of ADSL2+ broadband Internet connection that doesn't require a landline phone service. This means no more costly monthly line rental , once Naked ADSL2+ is connected, for the landline phone service you hardly ever use.
1.2 Why don' t I need a phone line for broadband?
What you need is the copper line connected between phone exchange to your premise, which you have used to make phone calls and access the Internet. When you sign up to a TPG Naked ADSL2+ plan, TPG will physically transfer your phone line into an ULL line and connects this to TPG's DSLAM. This enables TPG to provide high speed ADSL2+ broadband service via our own network infrastructure without telephony component.
1.3 What speeds can I get from Naked ADSL2+?
TPG's Naked ADSL2+ is delivered to you using ADSL2+ technology with speeds up to 20Mbps - much faster than regular ADSL. Regular ADSL broadband has download speeds between 256kbps and a maximum theoretical speed of 8Mbps. More than 50% of TPG's ADSL2+ customers obtain connection speeds exceeding 10Mbps.

Actual speeds achieved will vary due to a number of factors including distance from the local telephone exchange, network configuration and traffic, the quality of the phone line, cabling and equipment.
1.4. How does Naked ADSL2+ work?
Naked ADSL2+ works the same way broadband does, so all you need to do is configure your broadband modem if you are new to ADSL2+. You can plug your modem into the same phone socket on the wall. When you join TPG's Naked ADSL2+ service, your phone line is transferred to TPG's ADSL2+ infrastructure. The cancellation of the phone service on the line will be automatically so there is not need for you to contact Telstra.
1.5. Can I keep my existing phone number?
Naked ADSL2+ works the same way broadband does, so all you need to do is configure your broadband modem if you are new to ADSL2+. You can plug your modem into the same phone socket on the wall. When you join TPG's Naked ADSL2+ service, your phone line is transferred to TPG's ADSL2+ infrastructure. The cancellation of the phone service on the line will be automatically so there is not need for you to contact Telstra.
1.6. Will Naked ADSL2+ affect services running on the phone line?
  • PSTN Phones
  • Fax machines
  • Back to Base alarm systems
  • PABX
  • Dial security cameras
  • 56K Dial up modem
  • Digital Pay TV (e.g.Foxtel) will still be ok however services like voting or purchasing box office movies will not work since these services need a landline phone service.
1.7. If I don't have landline service, how do I make phone calls?
Once your phone line is connected to Naked ADSL2+, you will not have dial tone on the phone line. You can make phone calls via the following options.
  • – A mobile phone
  • – Another landline line

2.0 Naked ADSL2+ Availability

2.1. Can I get TPG Naked ADSL2+?
TPG Naked ADSL2+ service is available in the areas covered by TPG ADSL2+ network. This means you need to reside in an area covered by TPG's ADSL2+ Enabled Exchanges. Click here to check if your phone number is TPG ADSL2+ enabled.
There are three order types available for TPG Home Phone with ADSL2+ Service:
  • You must reside in an area covered by TPG's ADSL2+ Enabled Exchanges
  • Your phone line is active
  • The exchange you connect to has available capacity
  • There is no complex product on the phone line (e.g. fax duet, rotary line, line hunt, PABX or ISDN). See the full list of Telstra complex products click here.
  • The cabling infrastructure between the exchange and your premises is compatible with Naked ADSL2+ service (incompatible infrastructure inc. RIM, PGS, Sub-Exchange)
2.2. How do I check if my Naked ADSL2+ enabled exchange has available capacity?
Ports available on TPG Naked ADSL2+ network are allocated on first come first serve basis. The number of ports available in exchange varies. If an exchange has reached maximum capacity, it will be marked as NO PORTS on the DSLAM Rollout Progress page

3.0 Naked ADSL2+ Registration & Installation

3.1. How do I register for TPG Naked ADSL2+?
You can register online at or call our friendly sales team on 13 14 23. We recommend you to run through the Naked ADSL2+ Service requirement check list before register.
3.2 How long is the connection lead time for Naked ADSL2+?
From the date we send you email confirmation it can take approximately 10 to 20 working days for the connection to occur, depending on customer's location and customer's line.
3.3 Will TPG notify me of the connection date during the application process?
Once we have an estimated connection date, we will send you an email notification specifying the connection date. When your Naked ADSL2+ is connected, another confirmation will be sent via email. Emails from TPG are sent to the contact email address that you have provided at the time of registration.
3.4 What does "active phone number/line" mean?
\ It means you have a dial tone and an active phone number on the phone line connected to you house/premises you nominate for Naked ADSL2+.
3.5 Can I get Naked ADSL2+ if my phone line is not active?
At this stage, no. To be eligible for TPG Naked ADSL2+, your phone line must be active. TPG may support registrations with inactive phone line in the future.
3.6 What do I do if the house I move into doesn't have a phone line connected previously?
If you can find phone sockets on the wall, mostly likely you should have phone line connected already. If there wasn't a phone line connected previously (no socket on the wall) then you need to apply a phone line first from Telstra before applying for TPG Naked ADSL2+. For further information please call TPG on 13 14 23.
3.7 Do I need to contact Telstra to cancel my phone line before applying for Naked ADSL2+?
No. You need to provide your existing phone number for applying for Naked ADSL2+. Once the phone number has passed a series of compatibility checks, we will take care of the rest.
3.8. I currently have broadband with another provider. Can I apply for TPG Naked ADSL2+?
What is the registration process?
If you currently have a broadband connection with another provider you can apply for Naked ADSL2+, provided you are eligible. The following is an overview of the Naked ADSL2+ registration process.
  • Registration
    Customers can register online, by calling TPG Sales, or return the completed registration form by post or fax.
  • Verification/line check
    Further line check will be made once registration is submitted to ensure the nominated line is Naked ADSL2+ TPG will send a confirmation email within 3 working days to notify whether the line check is successful.

    Please note passing line check does not 100% guarantee that you can get Naked ADSL2+. There is a small chance if you cancel existing ADSL2+ service that you may not get TPG Naked ADSL2+.
  • If line check is successful, remove complex products within 3 working days (if applicable)
    If the line check is successful, you will need to arrange to have these complex services removed and reply back to the confirmation email. Your application will only proceed when we have received your confirmation email.

    - Setup cost
    - Equipment (e.g. modem/router if purchased through TPG)
    - Equipment delivery fee (if applicable)
    - The first month's subscription fee
    Note: Billing period will commence when the service is first activated. Installation will proceed on receipt of payment.
  • Submit service activation request to Telstra (10 to 20 working days)
    If you do not have any complex product and/or ADSL2+ connection on the nominated phone line, TPG will proceed your order on the same date after we send you the confirmation email. Once the activation request is submitted to Telstra, TPG will send you another email to you notifying the estimated Naked ADSL2+ connection date.
  • Equipment Configuration and Delivery
    Your modem will be couriered directly to you after TPG has configured it.

    Delivery to metro areas and major towns will take between 1-2 business days and delivery to rural and remote areas will take between 2-5 business days.
3.9 I currently have broadband with another provider. How long will I be without broadband for?
If you have ADSL/ADSL2+ with another provider, you will only experience a short period of downtime. On the day of the TPG Naked ADSL2+ installation you will experience up to 2 hours of internet downtime.
3.10 When will I lose my landline (PSTN) phone service?
You can make phone calls right up until the time your Naked ADSL2+ transfer occurs.
3.11 Do I need to be at home on the date that Naked ADSL2+ is connected?
No, you will not be required to be at home on the day of your Naked ADSL2+ installation.
3.12 Can I use my Naked Line with my dial-up connection?
No, similar to Fax a dial up modem requires a dial tone to operate.

Information for Existing TPG Customers

4.1 I am existing TPG broadband customer; can I transfer to Naked ADSL2+ plan? What is the transfer process?
Unfortunately the Naked ADSL2+ service is not available to existing TPG broadband customers at this stage. It will be available soon. More details will follow when we are close to offer Naked ADSL2+ to existing customers.

Usage and Billing

If I am moving house, can I relocate my Naked ADSL2+ service?
If you with to relocate, you need to apply for a new Naked ADSL2+ connection at your new location. Your new location needs to have an active Telstra phone number/line. Disconnection/ connection fees will apply. Please see
5.2 Can I change Naked ADSL2+ back to ADSL or ADSL2+?
You need to cancel your Naked ADSL2+ service and apply a new connection for ADSL or ADSL2+. Please see
5.3 How do I cancel my Naked ADSL2+ service?
You may cancel the Naked ADSL2+ service by giving TPG at least 30 days written notice. This takes approximately 1 week. The service has to be paid up to the end of the notice period. Please see
5.4 Do I have to pay early termination fee if I cancel my Naked ADSL2+ service before the end of contract term?
Yes. The early termination charge is 50% of the monthly charges that would have been paid between the date of cancellation and the end of the contract period, up to a maximum of $350.

1.0 VoIP Service with Naked ADSL2+ — Making and Receiving Calls

1.1 Can I keep my existing phone number?
No. Once Naked ADSL2+ with VoIP has been installed, the phone line becomes a data only line. You will loose dial tone and your current phone number will be disconnected automatically. The phone number will be eventually released back to your phone provider and assigned to another customer. If customers have any contractual obligations with their phone provider, customers must ring them and close the account.
1.2 What is a 'DID number'?
DID stands for Direct- In- Dial. It is a phone number that will be assigned to you so as you can receive incoming calls. It is in a similar format to your existing telephone number, <area code> <8 digit number>. This is FREE with Naked ADSL2+ with VoIP plans.
1.3 Instead of being assigned a new DID phone number, can I bring my current phone number across?
Unfortunately at this stage you cannot transfer your current number. TPG will assign a new phone number upon registration.
1.4 Can I choose my new phone number?
Unfortunately at this stage you cannot choose your new number. TPG will assign a new phone number upon registration.
1.5 When will I receive my new number and when can I start using my VoIP service?
Once payment has been taken for your plan, you will be assigned a new DID phone number. Once your Naked ADSL2+ service is active you will need to first ensure that your router is configured for internet and VoIP connectivity. You should then be able to use your VoIP service.
1.6 Will speed throttling affect VoIP Call quality?
While the voice quality should not change, if the connection is under heavy load there may be a decrease in quality.
1.7 How does the sound quality compare to a traditional phone call?
Under normal circumstances the sound quality is comparable to standard (PSTN) telephone services. VoIP call quality can be affected by the quality and speed of the customer's ADSL connection. Disturbances to the customer's ADSL service can affect the quality of the VoIP service or prevent it from operating. Please keep in mind that if you are running several programs that are using a high bandwidth, your call quality may be compromised.
1.8 Is your network based locally or overseas, and what effect will this have on end-users?
If you have enabled this feature at the time of ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone registration, a separate email will not be sent. Once your ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone service has been activated, you will be able to make free unlimited local calls.

If you enabled this feature once your ADSL2+ with TPG Home Phone service is activated, you will receive a confirmation email. In the email you will be reminded when the $5 monthly charge will apply and from what date it is expected that you would be able to make free unlimited local calls. Upon deactivation of this feature confirmation emails are not sent.

Please remember you can always check in Your Account what your current status is and if you currently can make free local calls.
1.9 Do you own or lease the network infrastructure, and what effect will this have on end-users?
TPG completely owns both the Naked ADSL2+ and VoIP networks, which allows us to offer a high quality of service to our customers
1.10 How much does it cost to make calls?
TPG's VoIP call rates are extremely competitive, making TPG VoIP a low cost high quality service. Please visit our website for a complete list of call rates, by destination.
1.11 Will making calls affect my broadband usage limits?
When using VoIP over your broadband connection, the VoIP router is sending your voice call as data over the Internet. TPG will count this towards your monthly usage quota. As a rough rule of thumb, using VoIP consumes 0.6 Megabyte of your usage quota for every 10 minutes of conversation, assuming Standard (G729) voice compression. As the average household consumes between 1000 to 2000 minutes of phone usage per month, this would equate to approximately 60 to 120 Megabytes of usage quota.
1.12 How can I make a call from TPG's VoIP Telephone Service?
To call a landline within Australia:
For local numbers, you can just dial the 8-digit local phone number.
For interstate or long distance, you will need to dial the area code followed by the 8 digit phone number

To call a mobile phone within Australia:
Dial the 10-digit mobile phone number directly.
For example: to call mobile number 0422 999 999 in Australia, dial 0422 999 999.

To call an international destination:
Dial 0011, the country code, the area code and then the local phone numbe
r. For example: to call telephone number 9999 9999 in London, dial 0011 4420 9999 9999.

1.13 Can I use TPG's VoIP Telephone Service to receive and make calls if I lose power on my router?
No, it is very important that your router has power for you to be able to make and receive calls via the telephone handset that will be connected to your VoIP router
1.14 Can I call emergency numbers with my Naked ADSL2+ VoIP service?
Yes, Naked ADSL2+ VoIP service does supports calls to 000 or other emergency service telephone numbers.

The TPG Naked ADSL2+ VoIP Telephone Service is NOT a substitute for a standard (PSTN) telephone service. TPG recommends that the Customer should always have access to a standard (PSTN) telephone line or mobile service for calling 000 and other emergency service telephone numbers.
1.15 What types of calls can I make by using Free Minutes?
– Free Minutes can only be used for local and STD calls to/within the following Australian Capital Cities: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.
– Free Minutes cannot be used for calls to mobile telephones or international destinations.
1.16 How are calls made using my Free Minutes calculated?
Each call made using Free Minutes is calculated with a minimum call time of 10 minutes and thereafter in 1 minute increment.
For example: a 1 or 8 or 10 minute call is charged as a 10 minute call, but a 13 minute call is charged as a 13 minute call.
1.17 Can I carry over unused Free Minutes to the following month?
No. Unused free minutes can not be carried forward to the next month.
1.18 What happens if I made a call outside the Free Minutes?
TPG VoIP Telephone Service call rates apply to all calls other than calls which fall within the scope of any Free Minutes included with the Customer's plan. Upon successful registration, TPG will initially debit the Customer's credit card $20 to be used as a pre-paid call credit to cover any calls made outside the Free Minutes. Please see for call rates.
1.19 How are the TPG's VoIP Telephone Service charges calculated?

Calls made using Free Minutes

Each call made using Free Minutes is calculated with a minimum call time of 10 minutes and thereafter in 1 minute increment. For example: a 1 or 8 or 10 minute call is charged as a 10 minute call, but a 13 minute call is charged as a 13 minute call.

National Calls (Landline)

Local and national calls Australia wide are charged at flat rate displayed on the TPG website (

Calls to Mobiles within Australia

Calls to mobile phone services within Australia are charged in 1 second increments from the time of connection, at the rate displayed on the TPG website ( Call charges are rounded to the nearest cent.

International Calls

Calls to international destinations are charged in 1 minute increments. The international call rates associated with these increments can be viewed on the TPG website ( displayed by destinations. The minimum call charge is 10 cents. Please note that international call rates to mobile phones are different from calls to fixed line telephones.
1.20 What equipment is required for Naked ADSL2+ with VoIP plans?
To take advantage of ADSL2+ speeds and be able to use the TPG VoIP service, you will need an ADSL2+ VoIP compatible router.
1.21 Does my computer have to be turned on when I make or receive a call?
No, your computer does not need to on while you make or receive a call, but your modem/router will need to be and your connection needs to be active.
1.22 Can I use my computer while on the phone?
Yes, you can use your computer while on the phone. However, since your phone and computer share the same bandwidth, if you are using high bandwidth applications on your computer (i.e.: downloading a large file) you may experience degraded voice quality.
1.23 Can I use a Fax machine with the TPG's VoIP Telephone Service?
No, currently you can not use a Fax machine with the TPG's VoIP Telephone Service.
1.24 How am I billed for TPG's VoIP Telephone Service?
TPG's VoIP Telephone Service is provided on a prepaid basis only. At the time of registration, TPG will initially debit the Customer's credit card $20 for VoIP pre-paid call credit.

Calls are charged from the prepaid VoIP call credit on the Customer's account. When the Customer's VoIP call credit falls below $5-01, TPG will 'top up' the Customer's prepaid call credit by automatically debiting the Customer's credit card $20. TPG will send the Customer electronic confirmation of any such automatic debit.
1.25 Can I view my call usage online?
Yes, you can view your outgoing call usage online. This facility is available by logging into 'Your TPG Account' section on the TPG website ( and under 'Account Management', by selecting 'Your Account Statement'.

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