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General Settings

TPG ADSL2+ Settings
ADSL Username   Your TPG Username
ADSL Password   Your TPG Password
Encapsulation   PPPoE LLC
Authentication Method   PAP
Modulation   ADSL2+
VPI/VCI   8 / 35
TPG Domain Name Server (DNS)
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
TPG Email Settings
Incoming Mail Server (POP3 or IMAP)   110 (POP3) 143 (IMAP)
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)   25
Email Address   [email protected]    
Email Username   Your TPG Username    
Email Password   Your TPG Password    
TPG VoIP Settings
Interface Name   pppoe_8_35_1
SIP Transport Protocol   UDP
Ports (All)   5060
VOIP Service Provider   Others
SIP Registrar Address   aphone<#>
SIP Outbound Proxy   aphone<#>
SIP Proxy Server   aphone<#>
DTMF   RFC2833
Codec   G723 (for aphone1 and aphone2) or G729
(for all other servers)
Signaling and Media QoS   AF43 (100110)
Phone Number   Your TPG Username
Caller Name   Your TPG Username
Username   Your TPG Username
Password   Your TPG Password
Please note that aphone number may vary. If unsure of which aphone server you should use, please contact Technical Support on 13 14 23 or email [email protected]
Mobile Data Settings for Smartphones
Name   VF WEB
MCC   505
MNC   3
APN Type   default
For most smartphones, these settings are set up automatically when you insert a TPG SIM card.