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Frequently Asked Questions - Hosting

Domain Name Hosting

1.1  What is a domain name?
A Domain Name on the Internet is the equivalent of the street address of your business and can be personalised to include your company name. Your Domain Name is exclusively yours and is used by others to locate you on the Internet. It consists of your company's name followed by a suffix that shows where the company is based and what type of organisation it is, for example: and can contain letters, numbers, hyphens and must be in lowercase.
1.2  Why should your company have a domain name?
A Domain Name enables you to create a unique presence on the Internet. Your Web Site and employees' e-mail addresses will reflect your corporate identity rather than your Internet Service Providers name, and will make it easy for your clients to locate you on the Internet. Having your own Domain Name will give your company and employees a professional and consistent image that can be reflected in all company stationery and advertising material. Employee e-mail addresses allow for their full name, for example: Your Domain Name is portable when changing account types and Internet Service Providers, which means you can keep the same web site and e-mail addresses. Your Domain Name does not indicate your company size therefore leveling the playing field.
1.3  What is Domain Name Hosting?
Domain Name Hosting is when your domain information is stored on our Domain Name Servers (DNS).

Please Note: Domain Name Hosting does not allocate web space to host your Web Site or email addresses, nor does Domain Name Hosting give you access to the Internet. Click here to find out about TPG Broadband Plans available.
1.4  Why have TPG Host your Domain Name?
Having your Domain Name hosted on our stable network will mean fast and reliable service, along with 24hr, 365days a year uptime. It will also reduce network traffic that would occur if you were to host your own DNS server on your own LAN.
1.5  How does your company get its own domain name?
First you will need to register your domain name with an accredited domain name registrar. For a full list of accredited domain name registrars, please refer to: Once your Domain Name has been registered you will need to have it hosted by a hosting provider.
1.6  What registration rules do I need to satisfy?
International Domains
There is no restrictions on who can register international .com .net .org .biz or .info domains. Any individuals or companies on a first come first served basis can register domains as long as you are not infringing on any trademarks.

Australian Domains
A general domain policy applies to all .au domains. To register a .au domain a valid ABN is required.

Specific eligibility and allocation rules apply to each of the different domain extensions:
1.7  How much does registering a domain name cost?
The cost of registering a domain name varies, depending on the domain name registrar. When TPG registers a domain name, it is registered through Melbourne IT and your payment will go directly to the domain name registrar. For domain name registration pricing please refer to Melbourne IT
1.8  Which domain name should I choose?
The domain name you choose should meet 2 key guidelines:

It should be easy for your customers to remember

It should say something about your organisation and protect your online identity.

Traditionally organisations have simply used their business name as the basis for their domain name. For example and – this is a good place to start. If your organisation's exact name is unavailable, you can always consider abbreviations or acronyms.
1.9  What is a Registry Key?
A Registry Key is a password provided by Melbourne IT upon registering your domain name. It gives you authorization to make changes to your domain name settings.

Other registrars may use similar authorization codes such as usernames and passwords.
1.10  How do I configure my Domain Email Addresses?
If TPG is hosting the mail for your domain name, you are able to configure your domain email addresses using TPG's online Domain Email Management Facility (
1.11  What is DNS?
DNS (Domain Name Server/Service) is a system used for connecting domain names to their webserver. It allows people to visit your web site by simply typing in your domain name rather that the IP Address.
1.12  How do I change my DNS settings?
Any changes to DNS Records must be submitted in writing to our Domain Name Administrator. You can email or fax your request to or 02 9850 0817.
1.13  How do I cancel my Hosting with TPG?
To cancel your Hosting services you must inform TPG in writing of this cancellation. so TPG can unconfigure the DNS system to not cause any conflict with your new domain name settings.
1.14  What is domain name redirecting? Are there any charges involved?
When TPG hosts your domain name, you can redirect this and the www record to a free website hosting service or 3rd party website that is not hosted by TPG.
1.15  What is sub domain?
A sub-domain is where you can split your domain into smaller domains that are independently managed and setup. For example, you could set up multiple sub-domains for each branch of your business.
1.16  When my domain name is registered, who owns the domain name?
A domain name is leased during the time in which you have it registered. Under most circumstances, once you have successfully registered a domain name, it is yours to have hosted where you like, whilst you have paid for annual registration or renewal costs.
1.17  What happens if I made an error with the spelling of my domain name?
Some registrars will offer a grace period during the setup phase of your domain name, which will cater for such events. It is recommended that you consult the registrar as soon as you discover any error with the registration.
1.18  What is an A-Record?
An Address record is used to link your domain to its corresponding IP Address.
1.19  What is an MX Record?
A Mail Exchange record identifies the mail server that handles email for you domain name.
1.20  Is there a utility that allows me to add a counter to my web site?
Yes, the following is an example:

This page has been accessed times since August 2002

Step 1:

You will need to know your username.

Step 2:

You will need to add a single line of HTML code to the web page you wish to have a counter displayed on.

Insert the following line of HTML code as follows:

<img src="">

Where user is substituted with your personal username, num is the counter number (the counter on the first web page would be 1, use 2 for the second counter on the next web page and so on), and type is the style of graphic you want the counter to display.
types include anyone of: dd=A, dd=B, dd=C, dd=D, dd=E, dd=F, dd=G, dd=H, dd=I, dd=J, dd=K, dd=L, dd=M, dd=N, dd=O, dd=P, dd=Q, dd=R, dd=S, dd=T, dd=U, dd=V, dd=W, dd=X, dd=Y, dd=Z, dd=bang, dd=AA, dd=BB, dd=CC, dd=DD, dd=EE, dd=FF, dd=GG, dd=HH, dd=II, dd=JJ, dd=KK, dd=LL, dd=MM, dd=NN, dd=OO, dd=cd, dd=cdd, dd=cdr

If your username was fred, and you wanted to put a counter onto two of your web pages. The HTML code needed is as the following:

<img src="">
would display as

<img src="">
would display as

Note: The code IS case sensative. Please make sure you copy it exactly as seen here
1.21  How to create an email form on your web site.
All you need to do is follow the instructions: Click here
1.22  How to create a form to e-mail to add to your web site.
All you need to do is follow the instructions: Click here
1.23  Can you email me the location of FormMail, I am trying to set up a form on the my website hosted with TPG.
FormMail is a pre-built program that is available from, you can download this script and make appropriate modifications and upload it to your web space cgi-bin directory and change the permission to 755 (chmod 755 FormMail) This makes FormMail an executable file.

Web Site Hosting

2.1  What is web site hosting?
Website hosting is a service provided by TPG, it allows an individual who has been granted access, to upload HTML files to a computer on TPG's end, these HTML files in return are made viewable over the Internet by visting a designated URL. HTML is a standard adopted by the world wide community to display information on the Internet, Website hosting is not limited to just displaying HTML files, given the server side functionalities are supported, other standards can be displayed or simply put, the website space can be used just as storage for files, any type of files.
2.2  I host my website without hosting Domain name with you?
Yes, it is possible to have Website Hosting without Domain Name hosting. All that is required is to ensure your Domain Name Hosting provider points your domain the the space TPG has set up for you on one of our Hosting Servers.
2.3  Does website hosting include domain name hositng?
TPG Website Hosting does not include Domain Name Hosting. Redirecting to Free Web space/ an IP Address/ external Website may only be done if TPG is Hosting the Domain Name you wish to be Redirected.
2.4  Are there any mailboxes included in your domain and web hosting packs?
TPG domain name & website hosting packages do not include any mailboxes. Click here to find out about TPG Broadband Plans and/or additional mailboxes available.
2.5  Is ASP free?
No, ASP comes with an annual charge of $50.
2.6  What databases you support? Is there any charge?
We support two databases, namely Microsoft SQL which runs on Windows and MySQL which runs on Linux. There is a charge for database hosting, please view the Additional Services section, Website Hosting for prices.
2.7  Do you support shopping cart?
A shopping cart is a solution to a problem rather than a service, an electronic shopping cart is software/code embedded in your website, as an example to keep track/count of items purcahed through the website.
2.8  How do I host Secured Server? What do I need to host?
In order for us to set up SSL, we will need some information from you as the cerificate authority will need this information to confirm your business is valid etc. Therefore we will need the matching information.

We would need something similar to the example below:

CN = (URL of the section of the site you wish to use SSL)

OU = Internet Dept (This is the organisational unit of your company which relates to the site)

O = TOTAL PERIPHERALS PTY LTD (Your registered company name)

L = North Ryde (Your address)

S = New South Wales (The state you are located in)

C = AU (Country)

After we generate the certificate request, we will send you the generated file. From here you will need to choose your desired certificate authority eg. Thawte, Verisign etc. and send it to them, where they will then generate the certificate and send it to you. You will need to send the certificate to us so that it can be installed on our webservers.

Please note: We do not cover the cost involved with submitting the certificate request to the certificate authority as the price will vary depending on the company you choose.
2.9  Help! I lost or forgotten my FTP username and password. How do I obtain my username and password?
In order to obtain your FTP username and password, you will need to contact our webmaster providing information that will help identify you or your company. This information includes a TPG Customer ID, name it was registered under, company address, contact details etc.
2.10  I have uploaded my content but its not visible?
Please try forcing a refresh with either +F5. Majority of the times it's because your browser or proxy servers between you and our servers are serving cached contents.
2.11 What version of IIS, Apache, MSSQL, MySQL?
IIS version is 5.0,
Apache Version is 1.3.12 (Unix),
MSSQL Version is 7.1,
MySQL Version is 3.38 (Unix)
2.12  Do you support third party software components on your hosting server?
TPG Windows web server are equipped with components for user to execute Perl/CGI, PHP and .Net Frame Work version 1.1 to support .NET server pages. There might a fee applied to each of these services.

If you require the service of third party components, you can submit a request to TPG system administrator, who will evaluate your request and decide if your requirement can be met.
2.13  Do you support JAVA and Servlets?
At the current time Java and Java Servlets are not a supported server-side functionalities but these functionalities are in development and we hope to offer you them in the near future.
2.14  How do we contact TPG for any Help?
Please refer to for a list of contacts
2.15  Will my site be fast?
The simple answer is yes, our servers are optimised to handle heavy loads. If your website has certain requirements that you feel need to be addressed then it is best to discuss these issues directly with the Webmaster, by emailing your questions to
2.16  What sort of content am I allowed to publish on my website?
TPG is a responsible communication service provider, we conduct our business according to NSW and Australian communication legislations.

It is the responsibility of the publisher to ensure that their published contents are legal.

TPG will take appropriate actions to ensure that no illegal contents are published on TPG web servers. TPG will take appropriate action in response to complaints, and ensure the contents are in compliance with usage terms and conditions.
2.17  How do I publish pages on my website?
You will need to use an FTP client to upload files to your website.

If you have FrontPage extensions enabled, you could also publish pages using Microsoft FrontPage.
2.18  What is AspEmail and can use it on my website?
AspEmail 4.5 is an ASP component for sending email with an external SMTP server in an ASP or VB environment. AspEmail 4.5 supports multiple features that are found in your email clients. A free version AspEmail 4.5 is available at Deployment of this component requires adding an entry to the system registry; please contact the webmaster before using this component.
2.19  How do I collect data from html forms and email them to an email address? (using matt's formmail)
(1)In the "" do the following changes:
#!/usr/bin/perl -- Add two hyphens after 'perl'
$mailprog = '/usr/sbin/sendmail -oi -t';
@referers = qw(; ensures emails delivered only to this domain
@recipients = qw(; recipient's email address

(2) On the HTML form add the following 2 lines:
<form action="" method="post">
<input type="hidden" name="recipient" value="" />

3) Supporting URL

Free Webspace

3.1  Help! I am not able to upload files to my webspace.
Before you contact our webmaster, please check the following:
username and password is correct - quite often, the problem is usually because an invalid username or password was entered. Please check that your username and password is correct.

For users accessing their free webspace, this is the username and password used to dial into TPG or to access your ADSL account.

For users of our paid website hosting packages, a username and password was assigned by the registration process.

FTP site is correct - please check that you are connecting to the correct FTP site.

For users accessing their free webspace, this is usually

For users of our paid website hosting packages, this is usually ftp.your-domain
3.2  How do I enable auto-indexing or directory listing?
In order to enable auto-indexing or directory listing, you will need to create a file named .htaccess. The file needs to include the following line:
Options IndexesUpload the file to the directory of which you would like to enable auto-indexing or directory listing.
3.3  How do I disable TPG's default index page?
In order to disable TPG's default index page, you will need to create a file named .htaccess with the following:
index.html index.htm
Then upload this file to your webspace.
3.4  I have an internet account with TPG. I have several questions regarding my free web space: (1) How do I activate the web space? (2) What is the ftp address? (3) What is the web address? (4) How do I find out how much web space I have used up? (5) What happen if my account expires? (6) Can I get web statistics for a free web page?
(1) Your free web space is will be automatically activated when you first ftp to it.

(2) To ftp using client software (example Cuteftp), use the following details:
Host name = or
Username and password provided by TPG.

To use your browser (example Internet Explorer)
ftp address =
Username and password provided by TPG.

To use DOS
Open a command prompt, enter command 'ftp' press enter, and enter the username and password provided by TPG.

(3) The web address is

(4) Usaully your ftp client has an indication of the size on the webspace. If you cannot see this, try ftp using the DOS method above.

Example for Window 2000 or XP:

-Click on Start
-Click on Run
-Type: cmd
-Type: ftp
-Type: Open
-Enter your username and password

In Kbytes used (X%), where X = the amount used

(5) Your website will remain active for 2 months, during this time your website can not be modified, it can only be browsed.

(6) Free web space does not support statistic.
3.5  How do i activate my free webspace?
Your free webspace will be activated the first time you "ftp" to your webspace. To ftp to your web space type the following on your internet explorer bar:

username is your tpg username
password is your tpg password

To visit your web space type the following:

username is your username

Domain Email Hosting

4.1  What is Domain Email Hosting ?
Domain Email hosting means having the email addresses for your domain name hosted on the TPG mail server. This means your emails are being scanned for viruses and spam, as well as having the constant uptime of our servers so your emails are always delivered.

Often called "virtual email hosting", this feature works by having the TPG mail server configured to accept email for your domain, we then redirect this incoming domain email to your local TPG mailbox, ie a slave email only account or you dialup or ADSL account.
4.2  How do I setup Domain Email Hosting with TPG ?
To have your domain email hosted by TPG you must have your domain name hosted with TPG. You must also have atleast 1 physical email box on the TPG mail server so that mail for your domain can be directed to this account.
4.3  How do I manage my Domain Email Accounts ?
We have a utility located at which allows users to add and remove domain email addresses at any time. This page will ask you for your domain name and a username and password. This username will be sent out in the confirmation of your domain name hosting with TPG. The password is the password you have chosen for this account.

Please email if you need to have the Admin username reset.
4.4  How many Domain Email Addresses can I have ?
With Domain Email Hosting you can have an unlimited amount of domain addresses.

You will need at least one physical TPG mail box (any TPG account with an email box) on the initial setup. After the initial setup you are able to customise your domain email configuration.

To take full advantage of domain email, you can specify multiple domain email addresses being directed to multiple pyhsical TPG mail boxes. For example; directed to tpguser1 directed to tpguser2

and so on.....

In the above example 2 TPG mail boxes will be needed, but the domain email accounts for each user will be totally private. This is a great way to have private email for staff, family, or friends attached to your domain name.