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Using TPG Mobile Overseas (International Roaming)

With TPG Mobile International Roaming you can make and receive calls using your existing mobile phone number while you travel internationally. Your friends and family can contact you as easily as if you were in Australia!

This page contains a guide on how to activate your TPG Mobile International Roaming and other important information you should be aware of.

What to do before you leave Australia
First off, we recommend that you check the International Roaming rates by selecting your mobile plan in the call rates page to see if TPG has an International Roaming agreement with a network provider in the country you will be visiting and that your mobile phone is compatible with the network standard in that country.

If you wish to use your TPG Mobile number overseas, you have to activate International Roaming. We recommend that you do this in advance before you leave Australia as it takes up to 3 business days to activate International Roaming.

To activate International Roaming online:
  • Log into Your Account
  • Click View all Mobile Service Accounts
  • Click Mobile Service Control Panel
  • Next to International Roaming, click See Further Information
  • Click Enable and agree to the following statements
  • Finally click Update

Fees and charges
At the time of activation, TPG will charge an amount to increase your Prepaid Balance to $500 to cover the cost of international roaming usage.

The entire unused Prepaid Balance amount will be credited back to your account 30 days after you have deactivated International Roaming. If further Prepaid Balance is required after the credit is applied, it can be purchased through My Account.

Please call our Customer Service team on 13 14 23 to request for refund after you have returned from overseas. If you disable International Roaming via 'Your Account', unused prepaid balance will be credited to your TPG account.

Note that roaming charges are not part of your Included Value and can be more costly than normal mobile charges you have experienced before. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the roaming charges for the country you will be visiting. Please select your mobile plan in the call rates page to see the roaming charges applicable for your plan.

Tips when using International Roaming
Roaming charges can be expensive! The reason being TPG has to pass on charges from foreign mobile network providers. Here are some useful tips to keep your roaming charges down:

  • Disable mobile data access on your mobile phone. Some mobile phones (e.g. smartphones) may regularly check your email or have applications that download updates automatically. You may want to find a Wi–Fi Hotspot at your destination to access the Internet using your phone.

  • Log into 'Your Account' and set an unconditional diversion on your mobile phone directing all incoming calls to your Voicemail box in Australia (meaning your mobile phone will not ring). Receiving calls will incur charges when using International Roaming. Diverting all incoming calls to your Voicemail box in Australia will not incur you any roaming charges. You can then make one international call to your Voicemail box in Australia to collect your Voicemail messages.

  • Another option is to log into 'Your Account' and disable all Voicemail diversions. This means you will only get charged for incoming calls when you answer your phone.

  • Be aware of your usage when using International Roaming. There is a delay of up to 30 days in displaying your roaming usage in 'Your Account'. This is because of the time it takes overseas carriers to pass your usage information to us.

If you need to contact TPG from overseas, you can call +61 13 14 23. This call will be charged at the normal international rate from that country's service provider to Australia.

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