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No Network Coverage

TPG's underlying mobile network is the Vodafone mobile digital network (2G/3G/4G).

These troubleshooting steps should help you in solving most of the issues if you are getting poor coverage, no coverage, device is displaying emergency calls only, no service or SOS.

  • Restart your phone. Switch your device off and then back on to refresh your network connection.

  • Check coverage. Use the Coverage Checker to make sure you are in a coverage area. The Coverage Checker will also indicate if the signal at your location is strong enough for indoor and outdoor usage, or outdoor usage only.

  • Check for outages. Please visit our Service Status page to see if there are any known network issues that might be causing the problem.

  • Phone is not locked. Make sure that your mobile handset is unlocked.
    If you purchased your mobile handset from another provider, it may be network locked to that provider. You can contact the provider to unlock your phone. Please click here for more details.

  • Airplane mode. Make sure your device is not in airplane/flight mode. Please consult your mobile handset's manual if you are not sure how to check your handset.

  • Check your SIM card. Make sure that your handset's SIM card is properly inserted.

  • Network selection. Check that your phone is set to automatically select a network. If your phone is already set to automatically select a network, try to manually select your mobile Network Provider to Vodafone. You may need to turn the phone off and then back on again for the change to be in effect. Please consult your mobile handset's manual if you are unsure how to select your network provider manually.

  • Network mode. Check that your device's network mode is set to automatic. If you have a 4G device in a 4G coverage area but you are only able to connect to 3G or 2G, make sure that 4G is switched on.

  • Try your SIM card in another phone. If you have another phone that is unlocked and equipped to take the same size SIM card you are using, try inserting your SIM card to that phone. This will tell you if the problem is with your phone or SIM card.

    If your SIM card does not get coverage in both phones, it might need replacing. Please contact our Mobile Technical Support team on 13 14 23 to arrange for a SIM card replacement.

    If it fixes the issue, your phone might not be compatible with our network in that area or it may be faulty.

  • Try inserting a Vodafone SIM card into your phone. TPG and Vodafone use the same mobile network. If you can receive network coverage using a Vodafone SIM card, this means your TPG SIM card may be faulty. Please contact our Mobile Technical Support team on 13 14 23 to arrange for a SIM card replacement.

  • Device compatibility. Not all handsets are compatible with every part of our network, so the model you are using can limit the coverage available to you. To see where you should be able to get coverage with your handset, enter the model in the ‘What's your device’ box when using the Coverage Checker.

If you are still having network coverage issue, please contact our Mobile Technical Support on 13 14 23 and indicate which troubleshooting steps you have attempted.