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Can't Send or Receive SMS

This page contains information and troubleshooting steps for issues in sending and receiving SMS

If this is a new problem and you can normally send or receive SMS, please check our Service Status page to see if there is currently any mobile service outage in your area. Otherwise you can try these few troubleshooting tips:

  • Ensure that sending and receiving SMS are not barred in Your Account.

    • Log into Your Account
    • Click View all Mobile Service Accounts
    • Click Mobile Service Control Panel under your active plan
    • Make sure that both Sending SMS and Receiving SMS is set to Active
    • Finally, click Submit at the bottom of the Control Panel

  • Ensure that the SMSC (SMS Message Center Number) or Service Center Number in your handset is set to +61415011501. This is normally located under SMS Settings in your handset

  • Manually select your mobile Network Provider to Vodafone. You may need to turn the phone off and then back on again for the change to be in effect. This is normally located in Connectivity Settings in your handset

  • Try using your TPG SIM card in a different handset that is known to send and receive SMS properly. If you can send and receive SMS in another handset, this means there may be an issue with the handset your normally use.

  • Try using another Vodafone SIM card in your current handset. TPG and Vodafone use the same mobile network. If you can send or receive SMS using another Vodafone SIM card, this means your TPG SIM card may be faulty. Please contact our Mobile Technical Support team on 13 14 23 to arrange for a SIM card replacement.

If you are unsure how to do any of the above troubleshooting tips in your handset, please consult your device's manual or manufacturer.

If you are still unable to send and/or receive SMS, please contact our Mobile Technical Support on 13 14 23 and indicate which troubleshooting tips you have attempted.