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Note: This guide is applicable for customers who signed up after 30 September 2015 or customers who have migrated to TPG Mobile service on the Vodafone network. This guide is not applicable to TPG Mobile service on the Optus network.

Voicemail allows you to divert unanswered calls to your own Voicemail box where the caller may record a message. You can then retrieve the stored messages by dialling your Voicemail box.

Setting up Voicemail

Initial setup can only be done directly from your TPG mobile by following these instructions:

Step 1. Dial 121 (standard call charges apply)
Step 2. You'll be asked to select a Voicemail security code of 4-10 digits. You’ll be asked for this code when you're checking messages from another phone.
Step 3. Record your name to personalise the standard greeting
Step 4. Set your time zone by selecting your state

That's all you need to do to set up the basics, but you can stay on the line to customise your Voicemail even further:
  • Personalise your Voicemail greeting
  • Change your notification method
  • Switch your security code prompt on/off

Once Voicemail has been setup, you can dial '121' from your TPG mobile or 0414 121 121 from another phone at any time to change your Voicemail settings.

Retrieving Voicemail Messages

Step 1. Dial 121 from your TPG mobile. If using another phone, dial 0414 121 121. You will be asked to enter your mobile number and Voicemail security code. Step 2. If needed, use these in-call options to manage your Voicemail:

Option   Function
0   Call return
1   Repeat the current message
2   Save the current message for 7 days
3   Delete the current message
4   Send a copy of the message to another voicemail user
7   Rewind 3 seconds
8   Pause (press any key to continue)
9   Listen to the time and date stamp for the current message
#   Skip to the next message
*   Main Menu

Voicemail Diversion/Forwarding

By default, incoming call get diverted to Voicemail when not answered, unreachable or engaged. You can change the Voicemail notification method by dialling the numbers below.
Important: Dialling the numbers below will override or delete any existing call diversion settings. For more information on call diversion, click here.

Function   Call   Description
Divert to Voicemail when not answered, unreachable or engaged   1211   A conditional diversion where incoming calls get diverted to voicemail when not answered, unreachable or engaged
Cancel all conditional and unconditional diversions   1214    
Divert all calls to Voicemail   1212   Your phone won't ring. When you get a new message, you'll receive an SMS message.
Cancel all calls diversion   1213    

Voicemail Notification Method

By default, you will receive an SMS alert when a caller leaves you a voicemail message. You can change the Voicemail notification method by dialling the numbers below.

Notification   Call   Description
SMS Alert   1218   When a caller leaves a voicemail message, you will receive an SMS notification. To listen to the message, dial 121 from your phone. SMS Alert is the default notification method when you first start using voicemail.
Ring Alert   1219   When a caller leaves a voicemail message, you will receive an automated call to notify you about the message (you'll see your own number as the caller ID).

If you miss the call, you will continually receive the ring alert call notification at regular intervals until you answer.
Visual voicemail
(iPhone only)
  1217   You can manage your Voicemail from your iPhone (simply tap the 'Voicemail' tab at the bottom of the Phone app).

Visual Voicemail (iPhone Only)

Visual Voicemail allows you to manage your Voicemail directly from your iPhone. You can instantly see how many messages you have, listen to or delete them, and personalise your greeting.

How to switch on Visual Voicemail for iPhone

From your iPhone, dial 1217.

A recorded message will confirm Visual Voicemail has been switched on. Your personalised greeting will carry over.

How to retrieve your Voicemail

Step 1. When you receive a Voicemail message, you will see a notification on your iPhone. To retrieve the message, simply swipe on the notification.


Step 2. To retrieve your archived Voicemail messages, press Phone.

phone icon

Step 3. Press Voicemail.


Step 4. Your Voicemail messages are listed here. Tapping on each one will give you the option to listen to the message, return the call or delete the message.


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