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Username and Password Authentication

This page contains information about your TPG Username and Password

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What is my Username?
If you registered with TPG before 28 June 2011, your username is between 6-8 alpha-numeric characters in length. If you registered with TPG on or after 28 June 2011, your username is between 8-15 alpha numeric characters. Your username is always all lower case and contains at least one letter. This username is used to authenticate your internet connection and to access many TPG features including “Your Account” and TPG Email (if included in the plan).

You are required to select your username (subject to availability) when you sign up with TPG. After signing up, you will be sent a confirmation email which includes your username. Please do not delete this email for your future reference.

Can I change my Username?
You cannot change your TPG Username. However, you can create up to 2 email aliases. Email alias allows you to have a different email address in addition to your default email address (e.g. and This is a simple email forwarding service, email messages sent to your email aliases will be forwarded to your main email address (i.e.

To create email aliases, you can log into 'Your Account' on TPG Homepage and go to "Manage your Email Aliases".

I forgot my password. What can I do to retrieve it?
The easiest and fastest way to retrieve your TPG password is by using our Forgotten Password Tool.

What is my Password?
If your password was provided to you before 28 June 2011, your password is between 6-8 characters long and contains at least 1 number. If your password was provided to you on or after 28 June 2011, your password is between 8-15 characters and contains at least 2 letters and 2 numbers. This Password is used to access many TPG features including 'Your Account' and TPG Email.

Can I change my Password?
Yes, you can change your Password. In fact it is recommended that you change your Password regularly for security reasons. You can change your Password by logging into ‘Your Account’ on TPG Home Page and then go to “Change your Password”.

Please note that if you change your Password, you will also need to update the configured password in any email clients (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) you use to access TPG Email. If you do not update your configuration, you will not be able to access your TPG Email using your email client. You can find information on how to configure your email client here.

You do not need to change your modem/router settings when you change your Password. We only require correct Username in your modem/router settings as long as you are connecting from your registered location.

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