TPG Co-Location

TPG's Co-Location services provide carrier-grade Co-Location hosting facilities to accommodate your networking and telecommunications infrastructure.
Secure and reliable, TPG's Co-Location services are provided in a robust environment that is power and climate-controlled. Suited to organisations wishing to use TPG as a primary telecommunications provider, TPG's Co-Location services provide the ideal way to host your mission-critical applications.



Optimum performance

Secure facilities are effectively 'embedded' in TPG's core network and enable Points of Interconnect (POI) with other carriers. TPG's Co-Location also offers network diversity and redundancy.

Redundancy & climate control

High availability Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) with generator backup. Rigorous climate control ensures temperature and humidity are maintained within strict limits.

Flexible & scalable options

Wide variety of data and internet services and capacities matched with rapid deployment.

Access to our Co-location facilities is controlled by 24x7 surveillance and multi-level security at each site. You will also have access to our on-site skilled support staff as required and access to Remote Hands and Tape Management services.


Rack Space/Floor Space Option of TPG supplied racks, customer provided racks or space only
Power Rack mounted Power Distribution Units fused at 10A AC Power
Uninterruptible Power Supply systems to prevent power spikes, surges and brownouts
Generator backup to provide long term power to the entire facility in the case of an electrical grid failure
Some Co-Location sites support Single and Dual Feed DC Power
Climate Controlled Environment Air conditioning systems and heat dissipation limits protect and ensure maximum optimisation
of mission-critical customer equipment
Network Connectivity Deliver network service directly into the customer's rack(s) allowing access to business critical hardware, applications and systems.
Complements Internet (IP), IP VPN and Ethernet.
Operational Services Remote hand service allows access to on-site operational staff to assist in emergency situations and undertake routine tasks at selected sites
Management Interfaces Tape Management: tape backup and tape rotation at selected sites
Storage Management: offsite storage services
Co-Location Access Site specific access card allowance


How it works

How it works diagram


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