TPG National AWS Connect

Get a dedicated connection to Amazon's Web Services (AWS) infrastructure in Australia with TPG's National AWS Connect. This private network connection can give your business - regardless of state or geographic location - Access to AWS without needing to invest in additional infrastructure.

This product can also let you transfer business critical data directly from your data centre, office, or co-location site into AWS and back, so you can bypass the internet.




Only pay for the network capacity you need through a simple fixed monthly charge.

Consistent performance

Get a consistent end-to-end network experience between your premises and our facilities through a dedicated Ethernet connection.
Superior reliability


Experience compatibility with all AWS services that are traditionally provided over the internet.

With TPG's National AWS Connect, you can establish a private virtual interface from your on-premises network directly to your Amazon Virtual Private Compute (VPC). With multiple virtual interfaces, you can even establish private connectivity to multiple VPCs while maintaining network isolation.

Our solution is easily scalable - you can provision multiple connections all the way up to 10Gbps if you need more capacity.

Access Networks TPG Ethernet (up to 10Gbps)
Other Third Party Access
Network Footprint National coverage
Bandwidth 10Mbps - 10Gbps with multiple increments
Bandwidth will depend on the Access speed
Interfaces Ethernet 10/100/1000 (other options available on request)
Protocol Transparency Full transparency for any Layer 3 protocols to offer complete flexibility and legacy support
Transport Technology Ethernet with VLAN transparency


How it works

How it works

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