Connect your business to the internet with TPG's IP-Line. This high speed, premium grade offering provides value for money and excellent performance.


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Superior performance and availability

Connect to TPG's advanced carrier grade IP-MPLS network, get 24/7 support, and use direct peering with other Australian Tier 1 Internet Service Providers for domestic traffic.

Value for money

Leverage cost-effective Ethernet as your foundation so multiple services can be delivered using a single physical Access.


Tailor the bandwidth to suit your business. With internet connectivity from 2Mbps to 10Gbps, you can upgrade your speed and internet data plan as your business grows.

TPG offers an array of flexible and competitive plans including:

  • Flexible unlimited data plans
  • Aggregated prepaid plans
  • Charge for download usage only


Access Type TPG Ethernet
Third Party Ethernet
Speed 100Mbps to 10Gbps
Internet Data Plans Usage based
Flat rate
95th Percentile (depending on access)
Customer Support / Coverage Window 24/7
IP Allocation Customer or TPG allocation
Routing Protocol Static, BGP
4-byte AS Number Yes - depending on access
Router Supply TPG supplied and managed CPE
TPG supplied and customer managed CPE
Customer supplied CPE
TPG Managed CPE Features
Features available are dependent
on the CPE model selected
NAT (Basic, Static and PAT)
Routed DHCP
DHCP relay
SNMP ready only
VLAN tagging
Dynamic LAN routing
Multiservice Via Dedicated Port (EMSA) Yes - depending on access
Bursting Capability (95th Percentile) Yes - depending on access
Support For Broadband Transfer Process Yes
Contract Term 12, 24 and 36 months
Web Based Reporting Yes via Frontier


How it works

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