Ten Gigabit Adelaide

We have partnered with the City of Adelaide to deliver the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network; Australia's first such 10Gbps fibre optic initiative. 

This transformational network will unleash a wide range of possibilities for your business or organisation, without being inhibited by the restrictions and congestion often experienced by users. Ten Gigabit Adelaide also allows business to business connections within the Ten Gigabit Adelaide zone, at a highly competitive price point. This will change the future of connectivity in the Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide area.

Benefits of TPG 10GIG Adelaide Services


Richard Threlfall, Global Head of Infrastructure at KPMG "I love the fact that Adelaide is taking such a proactive approach, and that it has found a way to deliver best-in-class, and first in Australia, digital infrastructure without simply throwing public money at the problem. It is a template that cities everywhere could, and should rapidly, copy."


Martin Haese, Lord Mayor of Adelaide (2014 - 2018) "Ten Gigabit Adelaide is changing this city forever and it’s a change for the better."



High speed unmetered access

Experience connectivity over fibre with data transit in or out of your organisation at speeds of up to 10Gbps.

Highly competitive price

Always be focused on quality, exceptional service, reliability, and priced competitively.
Superior reliability

Enterprise grade fibre

Enterprise grade fibre comes with a 99.95% service guarantee backed by a 24/7 business support team.

1Gbps Business Broadband

Boost your business's performance by taking advantage of 1Gbps Unlimited Internet at a competitive price. 

You will have:

  • Uncontended experience with dedicated fibre to securely and privately operate without congestion or restrictions
  • Symmetrical up to 1Gbps speeds
  • Upgrade your bandwidth by 9Gbps to take advantage of the full 10Gbps when you need it*

1Gbps Business Internet



10Gbps Business to Business Connect

10Gbps Business to Business Connect

Offer is only available in TPG 10Gbps Adelaide enabled buildings within the Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide area. $598+GST charge is per end. Customer address must be pre-qualified before a formal quotation can be provided. For full terms and conditions please contact TPG.


TPG 10Gbps Business to Business Connections is specifically designed to enable secure connectivity. 

The point to point links allow transfer of data between two Ten Gigabit Adelaide connected customers. Ten Gigabit Adelaide network is all about facilitating enhanced communication between connected businesses around Adelaide CBD and North Adelaide area.

  • Symmetrical up to 10Gbps speeds
  • Exclusive access and connectivity to other Ten Gigabit Adelaide connected businesses*
  • Direct connectivity to cloud services or internet
  • Unmetered data in a scalable solution
  • Flexible bandwidth allocation across multiple services
  • Upsize from a choice of services to suit your business needs.


10Gbps business to business connectivity


Availability TPG Ten Gigabit Adelaide enabled buildings (excludes Data Centres) subject to Service Qualification
Access Network TPG Fibre (MetroEthernet)
Access Type Multi-Service
Number of Services Supported Minimum 1 | Maximum 6
Services Supported Included:
Unlimited Internet - IP-Line with flat-rate data plan and Static IP
TPG 10Gbps Business to Business Connect - Business e-Line to another 10 Gig Adelaide location
IP/MPLS VPN - IP-VPN (Single CoS or Multi (6) CoS)
Ethernet VPN - e-LAN (Single CoS or Multi (6) CoS)
Ethernet Line - Business e-Line (Intrastate b-end)
SIP Trunking - PAYG and included Value Plan options
Virtual Data Centre connectivity - TPG vDC or AWS
Bandwidth Aggregate: 10Gbps
Per service (Standard Port): valid service bandwidths up to 1000Mbps
Per service (Premium Port): valid service bandwidths up to 10Gbps
Note: services are provisioned at the ordered bandwidth and cannot burst
NTU TPG will provide a n NTU with 4 x 1GB Standard ports and 2 x 10GB Premium ports
Dimensions: 442mm x 220mm x 43.6mm
Power: 240 vAC @ up to 25W
Router Managed Router options exist for IP-Line and IP-VPN at service speeds up to 1Gbps
Customer can provide and manage their own router
Service Level Agreement 99.95% availability SLA backed by Outage Restoration targets with rebates
Contract Term 24 Months, 36 Months or 48 Months
Technical Support 24/7, 365 days per year
Business Size Medium to Large business

For more information download the Product Guide and FAQ document here


Flexible solutions you can access



Point to Point
Secure business-grade connectivity between 2 sites

A comprehensive private networking solution for multi-site customers featuring an option of 6 classes of services


Unlimited Internet 
Enterprise-grade Internet Access with unlimited usage plans



SIP Trunking 
From 2 to 100 sessions of feature-rich IP-PBX connectivity with included value or usage-based call plans



Virtual Data Centre 
Private connectivity to your TPG Virtual Data Centre or AWS

National AWS Connect
Flexible private connectivity

How it works

Whether you need internet connectivity or a combination of services, we give you the flexibility to manage how you use your bandwidth. By connecting to the Ten Gigabit Adelaide network you'll be positioning your business for the future. 

How 10 Gig Adelaide Works


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