From 4 December 2021, some legacy NBN100 residential customers will have their theoretical maximum upload speeds reduced from between 1 and 40Mbps to 1 and 20Mbps as their plan will now be configured on the NBN 100/20 wholesale tier (in line with all other NBN100 Plan customers).

Maximum download speeds, and all other plan terms will remain the same. Affected customers can elect to retain configuration of their NBN100 plan on the NBN 100/40 wholesale tier which provides off peak upload speeds between 1Mbps and 40Mbps for an additional cost.

Further details of this change will be provided to all affected customers via email. Note if you are a FTTN/B/C customer, your Maximum Attainable Speed will set a limit on the speeds you are able to achieve at your location and this may be lower than the speeds mentioned here (contact us if you are unsure about your MAS). For all customers, the actual speeds you experience will vary due to many factors which are explained here