Accounts Specialist

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The focus of this role is to undertake the below duties, in differing concentrations due to variable workflows/demands, in order that the Credit and Collections function can meet their objectives:

  • Collate and assess financial information to determine the level of credit that should be given and the ability of the company or individual to service or repay the debt.
  • Responsibilities can vary from following point scoring systems through to very complicated assessment of P&L and balance sheets, calculating equity ratios and gearing, the setting and monitoring of credit limits, etc.
  • Resolve customer complaints reported to the company by the Customer, or other private or government Regulatory bodies.
  • This may require contact with Customers or their nominated representatives, private or government regulatory bodies, internal company groups, credit reporting agencies and suppliers to ensure customer complaints are resolved efficiently.
  • Prepare accurate and timely reports and documentation, maintain up to date records, and other statistical and operational data.
  • Collect cash from due or overdue accounts. Targets maybe individual and/or team related.
  • Responsible for managing escalate calls, resolving disputes, account reconciliations and the prompt, accurate, allocations of payments and the management of bad debt recovery via either the mercantile or legal process.


We offer Temporary Work from Home Options for candidates that have Headset, Computer (Windows 8 and above) and Stable Internet Connection (10 Mbps)


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