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Look no further for an affordable and reliable SHDSL service. TPG’s SHDSL business network solution offers symmetrical download and upload speeds which is ideal for sharing big files, VoIP, video conferencing and many other business applications from multiple sites.

TPG owns and controls end-to-end network infrastructure including the 2nd largest DSLAM network in Australia. This means we are able to offer customers the highest grade service at the lowest possible prices.

Key Benefits

Ensure your data is kept private.
Guarantee your data throughput.
Eliminate your need for a complex VPN and firewall.
Eliminate your risk of traffic charges and speed throttling.
Provide you with a high grade data network.
Provide voice and video conferencing capability.

Business SHDSL Plans

(2 wire)
(2 wire)
Monthly Access Charge   $199   $399
Setup   $799   $799
Private Traffic Included   Unlimited   Unlimited
Internet Traffic Included   Nil   Nil
IP Address   Static   Static
Contention Ratio   1:1   1:1
Minimum Contract Term   24 Months   24 Months
Payment   DD/CC monthly   DD/CC monthly
Minimum Charge   $5,575   $10,375

Critical Information Summary (Business Network SHDSL)
Please click here to see the Critical Information Summary which sets out the important information about the service you selected.

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