Call Waiting / On Hold

Call Waiting notifies you if someone is calling on your Business Voice service while you are already on a call. You can place the first call on hold to answer the second incoming call, and switch back again.

To place a call on hold

Press the Hold soft key during a call.
The phone LCD screen shows the call is on hold and the line key LED flashes green.

call waiting img

Note : The phone will beep softly every 30 seconds to remind you that you still have a call on hold.

To resume a held call

Press the Resume soft key.

Multiple Calls on Hold

If multiple calls are placed on hold, press up img or up img to switch between the calls, and then press the Resume soft key to retrieve the desired call.

If more than two calls are on hold, an indication appears on the LCD screen, for example "2/3", indicating that this is the second call out of three calls.

If multiple calls are on hold on more than one line keys, you can view the details of the calls by pressing the corresponding line key, and then press the Resume soft key to retrieve the call.