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$0 Fibre Upgrade Offer Terms

The $0 Fibre Upgrade Offer allows eligible existing and new residential nbn® customers to upgrade to nbn® Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) (“Upgrade Offer”) when registering for selected nbn® plans (“Eligible Plans”).

These terms and conditions apply specifically to the Upgrade Offer. Other terms and conditions relevant to your service are available here.


Upgrade Offer is only available at addresses determined to be eligible by nbn co ltd. Premises must already have an existing nbn® FTTN or FTTC connection.

nbn co ltd. determines which premises are eligible for upgrade and whether the required installation is standard or non-standard. The Upgrade Offer is only available for standard installation. Non-standard installation may be subject to additional costs charged by nbn® co ltd.

The Eligible Plans for the Upgrade Offer are the TPG NBN100 (critical information summary), TPG NBN Superfast and TPG NBN Ultrafast plans (critical information summary)


Upgrade requires a nbn® installer to undertake works and install new nbn® equipment inside and outside of the premises. The standard installation process will require either one or two visits, depending on what type of connection you currently have.

Standard installations are completed by nbn co ltd. without charge to you. nbn co ltd. may require you to pay additional charges to proceed with a non-standard installation. Non-standard installation includes where the installation is unusual, complex, difficult, or there are safety issues, or where the installation is to a point that is not the closest and most direct path from the street.

For some addresses, the nbn® installer needs to undertake an initial visit to assess your premises. Safe access is required to the exterior of your premises, although you do not need to be at home. Installation may be delayed if suitable access is not available.

On the day of your nbn® installation appointment, the nbn® installer requires access to the exterior and interior of your premises. You, or a person over the age of 18, must be at home during this visit. Installation may take three (or more) hours to complete, depending on complexity.

The nbn® installer will determine the optimal location for installation and advise on what works are required. Installation works may include drilling through external or internal walls and require access to underfloor, wall or roof cavity spaces. Installation must be near a power source in a cool, dry, ventilated area. Installation may require to be at a different location from pre-existing FTTN/C or other nbn® equipment. You are responsible for any further internal works (for example, home network ethernet cabling) beyond installation of the nbn® FTTP Network Termination Device.

You must have the owner’s permission in writing for the installation if you are not the owner of the premises.

After installation, you are responsible for connecting or reconfiguring the modem or phone to the nbn® FTTP Network Termination Device. When connecting to your new service, you may experience a short delay before you are able to connect (approximately 30 minutes on average).

Installation timeline

nbn co ltd. advises that a standard installation should be complete within the following periods:


nbn® FTTN

nbn® FTTC


19 business days

25 business days

Rural and remote

24 business days

29 business days

These service levels are provided for information only and are not guaranteed by nbn co ltd.

Interim service

While you are waiting for your upgrade installation, we will provide you with an interim NBN100 service (critical information summary). You will be required to register for this interim service at the same time as registering for the Upgrade Offer.

As your interim service is on a nbn® FTTN/B/C connection, we’ll inform you of your maximum attainable line speed for your service once we receive this information from nbn after activation. If the maximum line speed at your address doesn’t support the speed tier of your interim plan (NBN100), we will provide you with a pro-rated credit for the difference between the interim plan you have paid for and the closest plan your maximum attainable line speed can support. As your service is being upgraded to FTTP, no plan downgrade or cancellation option will be available to you.

For all customers, the actual speeds you experience will vary due to many factors which are explained here.

One month plan fee is charged upfront for your interim nbn® service when you register. The first month plan fee for your new nbn® FTTP service is then also charged upfront. On activation of the new nbn® FTTP service, a pro-rated credit will be applied for any unused monthly plan fees paid for the existing FTTN/C or interim nbn® service.

Please contact us if you do not wish for your interim nbn® service to be automatically cancelled (for example, where you wish to have ongoing access while you complete your own internal cabling works).

Disconnection of your existing service

If you have an existing FTTN or FTTC service provided by us, this will be automatically disconnected once your new nbn® FTTP service is activated and your modem is successfully connected.

If you are unable to connect to your new nbn® FTTP service and a fault with the service is detected, you may contact us to pause the disconnection of your existing service until the issue is resolved.

Important: if you do not connect to your new nbn® FTTP service within seven days of installation, and we are unable to detect a fault, your existing service will be cancelled, and we will start billing for the new service.

If you have any difficulty connecting to your new nbn® FTTP service, please contact Technical Support on 13 22 58.

If your existing service is supplied by another provider, you are responsible for cancelling that service with your old provider once your interim nbn® FTTN/C service is activated.

Modem requirements

A compatible high-speed modem is required to achieve optimal performance with your new nbn® FTTP service. You can find information about the technical requirements your modem must meet here.

The modem options available to you depend on:

  • The nbn® plan speed you are upgrading to.
  • Whether you are new to TPG, or an existing TPG customer who is upgrading.

NBN modem options

New and existing customers upgrading to NBN100/Home Superfast/Home Ultrafast have the option to:

  • Use your own compatible modem.
  • Use a TPG-supplied modem with no lock-in contract (modem price $99.95 plus $10 delivery fee).
  • Use a TPG-supplied modem for $0 when you commit to a 6-month contract (plus $10 delivery fee). Early termination charges apply if you cancel during your fixed-term contract period. Early termination charge is $99.95. See critical information summary for more information.

Important note: the TPG-supplied modem only supports maximum speeds for NBN Ultrafast when connected via Ethernet cable (and not when connected via Wi-Fi).