More Information – Moving Home

When should I request to move my TPG service?

It’s always best to get the ball rolling before the big move. Let us know once you know the date you’ll be moving into your new address. This will eliminate or minimise downtime when we are connecting the service at your new address.

Keep in mind that technicians may need to access your new premises to complete the installation.

What service is available at my new address?

Visit and enter your new address. We will inform you the type of service available at your new address.

How long does it take to install the service at my new address?

This depends on the type of service available at your new address.

  • NBN Bundle: generally takes less than 10 business days but can take longer in some cases.
  • FTTB Bundle: 10 to 20 business days

Let us know early once you know the date you’ll be moving into your new address so that we can arrange for installation prior to your move in date.


Can I keep the same TPG plan at my new location?

You will be able to continue using the same service if it is available at your new address. If it’s not available, you can switch to another TPG service that is available at your new address.

However, if your current plan has been discontinued you will not be able to keep the same plan at your new address. We will offer you great options from our latest range of plans.

How much does it cost to move my TPG service?

Moving home cost varies depending on the type of service you're connecting at your new address and your current contract situation. Different locations have different infrastructure available, so you may be switching to a different kind of internet when you move.

Available Service at New Address Inside Contract Outside Contract
NBN Bundle Fee: $0 Fee: $0
FTTB Bundle Fee: $0
Current contract continues
Fee: $0
No lock-in contract

How do I request to move my TPG service?

There are three ways to lodge a moving home request to TPG:

  • Submit a request online here
  • Call TPG’s Moving Home Team on 1300 865 124
  • Request a call from TPG’s Moving Home Team here

Please note that if you wish to start the moving home process on a specific date, you will need to inform us by either calling us or submitting a request for a call.

How do I check the progress of my service relocation?

TPG will keep you updated via email and SMS of the service installation progress at your new address. You can also check the installation progress using our online Installation Checker.

Can I use my existing service while relocation is in progress?

You can use your existing service up until the new service at your new home becomes active, after which the service at your old home will be cancelled.

Can I keep my existing Home Phone number?

TPG will confirm whether your number is eligible to be moved to the new home upon submitting your application. Number move eligibility is based on the geographical zoning rules set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Can I keep my existing TPG Username or Email?

In most situations you will be able to keep your existing TPG Username and Email as we will simply move your account to your new address.

What should I do with my existing NBN equipment?

When you move, you should leave any NBN-branded equipment behind, including any power supply cords or other cabling. Once it’s been installed, NBN equipment must remain at that address - it won’t work at your new address. We’ll make sure you have everything you need at your new place. If any equipment is missing, we’ll help organise a replacement.